How to safely rent a holiday home to tourists

Opportunity for additional earnings

Holidays are a great time for an additional injection of cash from renting holiday homes. Just as tourists are afraid that they will find a dishonest owner of a house, so is the person who wants to rent a house afraid that it will find a dishonest customer. When renting a house to someone, it is obvious that we want to gain from it and not lose it. Probably every owner of the cottage is afraid that he will find a customer who will destroy his property or will not pay for the stay. So how to rent a holiday home safely?

Holiday home insurance

The most important thing you should do before you decide to rent a holiday home is to ensure it. Insurance companies have many offers. You should choose one that sells special insurance against theft, flooding or devastation. Some insurance packages also include protection against random events such as fire.

The landlord must take into account that when insuring a house against theft, the insurance company may require the use of special, certified locks, grilles or security blinds on the windows. If the owner does not meet the requirements and a burglary occurs, the insurance company will not consider such a report.

How to safely rent a holiday home to tourists

The insured cottage can safely be rented out to tourists. However, it is important to sign an agreement with them, including their personal data, the period for which they want to rent the house and the price of the rent. It is also worthwhile to document the condition of the cottage before renting it by describing it or simply taking pictures – in case of damage, it will be proof that everything was sooner in order.

When drawing up an agreement, you can also include information about a returnable deposit, if the owner wants to collect such a deposit – of course, the customer must be informed about it sooner. This is an additional form of property security, because a tourist knowing that when he destroys anything in a rented house he will not recover the deposit he has paid, he should take more care of your property.

The agreement should also include all the rules, making it easier for both the owner and tourists to operate. The client should be sure that during his stay in the cottage the owner will not enter the cottage every day, because e.g. he lives close by and wants to control the situation. In the same way, the owner may reserve that there is nocturnal silence and does not want noisy events to take place during this time. It is worthwhile to establish all the details sooner, so that no misunderstandings or unnecessary inconveniences for both parties occur later.